Cloud Computing is a paradigm that can offer computing services via the Internet. The information is stored on servers on the Internet. This type of computing offers everything that a computer system is offered as a service, so that users can access the services available “in the Internet cloud” without knowledge (or at least being not experts) in the management of the resources they use.


Allows the user to access a catalog of standardized services and meet the needs of your business, in a flexible and adaptive way, if unforeseen demands or peak workloads appears, paying only for the consumption we made??. The paradigmatic shift offered by cloud computing is that allows to increase the number of network-based services. This creates benefits for suppliers that can offer more quickly and efficiently, a greater number of services, and for users, which have the ability to access them, enjoying the ‘transparency’ and immediacy of the system, and a “pay per use” method of paying.

Thanks to cloud computing companies will forget these complications, because they will not have to manage the hardware or software: it is the responsibility of an experienced provider. Shared infrastructure makes it work like a utility: free or paid services. Updates are automatic and the enlargement or reduction of service comprises a simple process. ENERGEST joins the family of applications “in the cloud”, offering customers the ability to manage their energy efficiency processes in an agile, simple and dynamic way, without facilities or hardware, and only having an Internet Connection