Main features and functionalities of ENERGEST are :

 OPTIMIZATION on the management of the Energy resources of the Company, allowing easy control:

  • Energy consumption.
  • Energy Baseline calculation (LBE).
  • Identification, control and monitoring of the Energy Performance Indicators.
  • FULLY INTEGRATION with ISO 9001:2008 and  ISO 14001:2004
  • DESIGN AND MONITORING of the Energy Improvement Plan, through the implementation and control of actions to improve energy performance.
    • Manual
    • Procedures and Instructions
    • Records
  • Management of Staff; TRAINNING and TRAINNING PLAN
  • Definition and Control of the ENERGY MANAGEMENT POLICY.
  • OPERATIONAL CONTROL  and Internal Audits of the Efficiency Energy Management System.
  • Docoument Management
  • Management review
  • Energy Perfomance Policy
  • Energy Perfomance Indicators
  • Objetives
  • Non Conformities
  • Human Resources Management
  • Trainning Plan management and Evaluation
  • Energy Baseline
  • Control of the Energy Processes
  • Consumption statistics and optimization
  • Energy Incidences
  • Claims
  • Corrective / Preventive actions
  • Energy Improvement Performance Plan
  • Internal Audits
With only an internet connection, you can manage your Energy Efficiency Management System from anywhere (airports, bus and train stations, your home, customers instalations, …). EnerGest is accesible through a secure web connection, with an unique password.
No more carry external hard drives, USB sticks, … EnerGest lets you to add and access to your System documents (Manual, Procedures and Instructions, …) and your process records wherever you are. Also, never handle the documents of your system was so simple. EnerGest allows, with a single click, keep current approval status, revision and distribution of documentation.
Easily control the consumption data and generate graphs and statistics of the performance of the energy processes 
ISO 50001 does not distinguish between activities and sizes of the companies that can implement a Quality Management System. ENERGEST neither does,  being valid for companies of any size, as for freelancers, consulting firms, etc.