Partnership Agreement with Territorio SIC

TERRITORIO SIC and ENERGEST  have reached a cooperation agreement , by which ENERGEST , software for the administration of the Energy Efficiency Management System, will be implemented in all  SIC’s currently being developed in several locations worldwide by TERRITORIO SIC .

Furthermore, companies that are implanted in different SIC worldwide will used ENERGEST to optimally manage their Energy Efficiency processes

“SIC is a new model of Productive Area , merged with the urban environment in smooth transition through the landscape integration , sustainable architecture and urbanism bioclimatic . Apply new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT ) to foster a productive ultra-efficientCenvironment , energy, water, waste and mobility. intelligently managing ”

If anything describes SIC is logic and efficiency; it is a model adaptable to any physical and socioeconomic environment , adaptable to  specific needs of companies that are part of it , pursuing the maximization of efficiency and productivity.

For more information of Territorio SIC, Territorio SIC Website